19th of November, the CTN Animation eXpo is over now and though I have it still in mind !
I spent 3 amazing days and I wanted to thanks Tina for this great opportunity. Such a great gathering of talents and legends under a same roof. The show is over but my Californian Journey isn't finsihed !

The day after the CTN I had the chance to visit 2 amazing studios : Dreamworks studio and Disney animation studio.

The first studio we visited was

Dreamworks Animation Studios

With my friend JJ from the Arludik Gallery under the main Entrance

It was Thanksgiving times and everyone in the studio was preparing the little party for the first before the official date of Rise of the Guardians.

Nice topiary of the Logo

This is an A-MA-ZING place ! A kind of big hacienda very friendly. The outisde was very cool, great gardens with little river which runs through and beautiful carps - but I'd like to suggest though some more sculptures in bronze of their character or other topiaries, that would ornate the garden even better. The sun, the place, the people, everything make us comfortable ! 

Wouter Tulp a great great designer and JJ in the background

We couldn't take photo of the inside and unfortunately we haven't been able to see anything in process (I should have to pretend that I lost myself ^^) . Maybe the next time ! The only pics I took of the inside is the reception with the Awesomeness Po. I think everybody do the same photos with him ^^ and I was glad to do it too. Margo and I rubbed his belly for good fortune ^^

During the Thanksgiving lunch in Dreamworks, I met again the amazing Christophe Lautrette. He worked recently on "The Croods" and his design are pretty good (I love his serie with the cowboys). And Thanks to JJ from the Arludik Gallery I met Devin Crane and in fact I knew his art but didn't know who he was. He draw gorgeous fashion Ladies. His work is worth to be seen. You will love it too, I'm sure !

I could stay forever in fact ! But we were waiting in another awesome studio

Disney Animation Studios

Welcome !!!

The buildings were not as new as Dreamworks but they have a story that Dreamworks haven't. We all have been surprised when we arrived when we discovered that the very famous John Musker would be our guide. He has been director of The Princess and the Frog but worked also on Treasure Island, Aladdin, the little mermaid and The great mouse detective.

We left the Animation studio and crossed the street to visit the Disney studios.

For the wink, John has been in college with Tim Burton, John Lasseter and Brad Bird and while we were walking along the corridor of the animation block he made us so laugh with an anecdote with Tim Burton.

We couldn't take picture inside of course

John told us that Tim burton, after his wisdom teeth had been removed, walked like a zombie desks to desks, with blood droping from his mooth to the floor in this building. This man is crazy funny ^^ !

John Musker and Pablo Lobato, a great caricaturist. His design is so jazzy !

another view of the same place above :

The time flew so fast and we ended the first part of the visit in the archive room where stand timeless goodies and beautiful figurines - That I wish to find in Disneyland to buy but alas... ! The batteries of my camera dared to let me so I thank JJ for the last picture ^^

John Musker gave us the chance to stand with his reward !!

... No comment I look stupid but very happy ^^ haha ! - the award is quite heavy by the way

The second part has been held by the sweet Dawn Ernster and she made us discover the Animation studio (under the Mickey's hat) and we crossed the way of Claire Keane, the talented daughter of Glen, we saw the concepts of Wreck it Ralph, walked through alleys and places all customized and in front of the room of John Lasseter (beautiful with a lot of figurines, I wish it could be my room !) and to finish we had the chance to discover concept panels of the next project of Disney : Frozen. It looks wonderful and I'd like to know more about the story which is for the moment still secret.

That's all Folks ^^ My Californian Tour is over now, I won't bother you with my experience in Disneyland and the rollercoasters just that that was fun !

To read the beginning of my Californian Journey it's here for the 1st part and here for the 2nd and there for the 3rd and just here the 4th !
Let's keep in touch on my FB page to see more photos !

Cheers !