The 17th of November in the CTN animation eXpo !

I began the day with a Live demo on the main stage of the room but as it was just 10 o'clock, there wasn't a lot of people. I did a 3D sculpt on Zbrush in 45min and the final wasn't bad. Usually I like taking my time but that was a good challenge to do it faster. I prepared before some accessories like a top hat and a pipe. This way I could more focus on the head I was creating.

I didn't prepare the subject I wanted to sculpt but while I was sculpting, I thought that a kind of Don Quichotte was funny to do. 

I have to find the final pictures and will post it on FB ^^

I had also a Digital demo to do but it has been cancelled because of bug in the schedule. Sorry for those who waited for me in the Atrium. I have been noticed about that too late unfortunately and no announce has been made.
I would have worked on photoshop and created a little character from feet to head, with color. Maybe next year ! I hope so !

Instead I organized a new signature of my book at the booth of the publisher Trinquètte held by the amazing Alberto Ruiz ! He is an artist himself and draw his own books. I forgot to say that I was very pleased to see that my new book was looking good ! I have 2 introduction at the beginning of it written by 2 people I cherish : Peter de Sève and James Gurney. And I take advantage of this to thank again Jennifer Gwynn Oliver and her dear Mother for all the corrections. When I finsihed it, I was really happy to had been able to write it all in English and when I send the mock up to Peter, he said : "you must, must, must, hire a translator to do justice to your efforts" ... my "pride" level decreased but he was soo right... Jen saved this book and my honor !

I did posters for the occasion but as it wasn't clearly said where they were and nobody saw them - maybe I think only 5 people bought it. To give you the rage to have missed it here is the picture !

After This signature session, I was waited for a recorded interview. The questions were great and the speaker too. As soon as the CTNx website post the videos, I'll share them. Promise !

See you soon for the review of the 3rd Day of the CTNx show !

To read the beginning of my Californian Journey it's here for the 1st part and there for the 2nd ! and I'll will post more pictures on my FB page