The 18th of November in the CTN animation eXpo !

And already the last day of the show ! The time pass too fast !

I was planned in the "Breakfast with Pro" at 9AM and that was the most beautiful moment ! Even if I was one of the pro, among Terryl Whitlatch, Syd Mead (yes he was there !), Greg Couch and Sang Jun Lee from Blue Sky Studio, I felt like a student !
I met one of my heros Glen Keane. We knew each other by email but to meet him personally meant a lot to me. He is a very generous and humble man and I hope being able to work with him one day. I can say, now I talked to him, that the animations he did reflect line by line his own sensitivity and amazing personality.

Thank you Jean-Jacques for having taken this amazing picture for me !!
As I see again the picture... I can see in my eyes how proud I was to stand next to him !

For those who were in Paris from November 2010 to January 2011, you have probably had the chance to see his amazing art in exhibition at the Arludik Gallery. This gallery is a place where you can find Artist from the entertainment (games, animation industry...) and they propose each year an amount of talents for the pleasure of everyone.

After this very touching moment, I took advantage of my free time to meet friends and bought some books for my workshop's library.

I went at the Cory Godbey's booth - a sweet and talented man !!
And then met Brian Ajhar - if you don't know yet is work, go now, this is just amazing
Then I bought the Doodles #3 of David Colman - I love the way he draws his animals. His line is very dynamic and there is a big humour inside.

Then I shared signatures with the amazing Chris Ayers and his lovely wife. I'm a big fan of his work and I bought his last Daily Zoo, the one in Paris ^^.

I think I had to stop my turn one moment to make my classical demo on the main stage. I really enjoyed this moment. The time to warm up my fingers, I filled my white papers with heads and little folks. Margo told me that a lot of people were astonished to see how fast I drew and that my head was probably full of these little buddies !  I'm not crazy I swear ! They are not in my head, just on my shoulder but you don't see them haha :)
Seriously, I have just fun to draw them.
I don't remember how many pages I drew, maybe 4, but one went Tina Price the organizator of the CTN show, the other went to my new friend David Colman, the 3rd went to Jeff the cameraman (we always forget these men behind the stage - Cheers !) and the last I remember went to a friend Rick Schneider-Calabash for whom I worked in 2010 on a project with the Zanuck Company.

Then I continue my turn and met Wouter Tulp, from Nederland ! Wouter is also an amazing artist and his graphic designs would really deserve to make the cover of the New Yorker !
I met Mark MacDonnell a Disney guy very sweet, also Michael Defeo an amazing sculptor who worked for Blue sky studio for a while, and Christophe Lautrette from Dreamworks - that was nice to speak French and to discover his Art, I bought 3 of his silly Cowboys and I can't wait to make them a frame and put them on the wall of my studio!

I did another signature session of my book "A World of Imagination" to finish the day and the show.

But my Californian trip isn't finsihed yet ! ...

See you tomorrow for the review of the After CTNx show !

To read the beginning of my Californian Journey it's here for the 1st part and here for the 2nd and there for the 3rd ! and I'll will post more pictures on my FB page