The 16th of November the CTN animation eXpo opens its doors : Let begin the show !

That was clearly my busy day and I woke up early to join Peter de Sève so that we could finish the preparation of my presentation. 

It was really an honor to be interviewed by him. His talent is not to prove anymore and it was a huge pleasure to share with him this moment. He is talented and such a nice guy too with a big sense of humour.

45min are long but also too short, we are two talkative and curious men and finally the crew had to stop us. We could talk about art for hours ! We focused the discussion on my inspirations like N.Rockwell, obviously, and my works in publishing and concepts.

When I came in his workshop this summer, we took the time to talk already about our inspirations but, you know, it is an endless subject. You talk about this artist who makes you think about this one... etc. I thank Peter a lot to have made me discover Hermann Vogel and his work in "C'era una volta". The book is all in Italian but the illustrations are pure beauty.

By the way, if you haven't seen yet the 4th of Ice Age : Continental Drift, do it right now ! And if you want to see some amazing concepts, I can highly recommand you to go on the BLOG of Peter and check his last post.

After the talk, I led myself to a booth for the signature of my new book "A World of Imagination" published by Trinquètte Publishing.

Hello Tori "Cat", Tim and Kirk !!

I was well surrounded ! On one side Glen Keane who was doing a classical demo and nearly in front of me Terryl Whitlatch. Unfortunately I couldn't move to do check upon Glen's shoulder what he was doing ! So frustrating ! Terryl and I were quite busy and we haven't been able to chat a bit. I will see her again in May during the Spectrum Live #2 in Kansas City and I'll doo my best to catch her. She is a huge artist : she worked on Star Wars ep.1 and 2... Hey Jar-Jar Binks, it's hers !! Brother bears, Jumanji... I won't miss her next time !

See you soon for the review of the 2nd Day of the CTNx show !

To read the beginning of my Californian Journey it's here ! and I'll will post more pictures on my FB page