Here and back again at home in Montréal !

The winter has spread some snow on the garden and I begin to regret the summer clothes I was wearing during my Californian trip. Just a non-sense of the weather, in one flight I passed from 76°F to 14°F (25°C to -10°C) and now here comes the after show blues ! **SIGH** Haha

The CTN Animation eXpo was clearly amazing. I already look forward to being there next year to enjoy a little bit more the demos, presentations, workshop and friends. As you know I was a special guest and my free time was short !

We arrived in Burbank, CA the 15th of November and the show was already beginning. The Disney Animation team invited those who were already there to have a drink and I had the chance to meet the Amazing and Talented Michel Gagné. We drank some wine and laughed a lot, this evening started on the good way the CTNx show. Michel is a great great animator and worked for one the best director ever : Don Bluth, on The land before time, An American Tail, and he also worked on The Iron Giant of Brad Bird and more recently he did the pre-visualisation on Brave. As soon as he has some free time, he creates his own projects full of shapes and colors and his last baby is called "The Saga of Rex", it is the story of the fantastic journey of a little fox and wants to make the animation film of it by doing everything all by himself. Respect Man ! so he has recently created a campaign on Kickstarter in which he had a great success. I'm very happy to have had the chance to meet him !

By the way Margo would have been so upset if we didn't meet him too ! She has been rocked by the Don Bluth's films (Brisby, Fievel, Littlefoot...) and when she saw that Michel was there, it was my duty to find him ! Finally there was a four leaves lucky shamrock upon our heads and just by hasard we crossed his way and his table !!

Yeah This Guy Rocks !!!!!

Here I go again the 2nd day of the show with Michel and his two thumbs up and 2 amazing guys ! Dean Yeagle on my right and Tony White between Michel and me. I'm a huge fan of Dean and it was the first time I met him face to face. He has a perfect line and his pin-up Mandy is so gorgeous !

See you tomorrow my CTNx review ! We will talk about another great man : Peter de Sève !!