After some Colors in progress in Photoshop some months ago on my Youtube channel (remember ? Seamus the Leprechaun, The Dickens Kobold and the Thief) , here I am again for introducing a sculpture on Zbrush, that I'm trying to film while I'm sculpting.

My recent post on FB shew you these four-legged little Goblin that I named Mott created on ZBrush too

You can check the process also on the website of Zbrushcentral at this LINK ! Unfortunately there are no videos of the process because the software crashed a lot during the creation.

But now, I head myself on one of my favorite character :

I've just begun to sculpt and to film the process (Youtube). This is very interesting to shift a 2D illustration into 3D and I must admit a real challenge for someone who used to work only in 2D. I didn't realize that some shape in 2D was complex to shift in 3D, what seems simple in 2D in my eyes wasn't that easy finally !

As I work for concept art for CG animations, this is a real and necessary tool for me to make the sculptor understand what I mean with my 2D pictures and to head him to my idea.
So working on 3D is just the best thing to do to understand the difficulties the sculptors could go through and to help him the best I can.

Very soon a little sneak shot of the sculpt !