Here we are, this is OFFICIAL!!

I am very proud and so glad to tell you that I will be for the very first time in Burbank California this November !!!

Burbank is THE capital of the Animation, and thanks to Tina Price from Creative Talent Network and her unbelievable energy and passion, this amazing con' exists and provides to the fans and artists -- I'd say even to the world!! -- the first and unique festival all about Animation.

What a huge honor to be invited after such great Masters like Moebius 2 years ago and Régis Loisel last year.

More to come and to be announced so, my Friends, Let's keep in touch on my Facebook fan page and with the CTN crew on their Facebook page too and of course for more informations check the official page here.

Prepare your agendas and book your days Nov 16-18, It's going to be CRAZYYY!!

Days are counting, I'm waiting for you there and I have four only words to say : Join me at CTNx