Hi Happy People !

What a big and incredible journey ! I just came home 2 days ago, exhausted but so happy, with wonderful and huge memories in mind !

I was happy to see French guys there (David Thierrée - Virginie Ropars) !! Brittany Power ^^

I had the chance to talk to friends in real, not by emails ! and meet them in flesh, blood and bones : Scott Gustafson, Paul Bonner, Paul Tobin : you 3 are just fantastic ! I shook with great pleasure (and shyly and impressed) the hand of Iain McCaig, Mike Mignola. I met for the first time lovely talented people like Petar Meseldzija, Omar Rayyan, Kyle Bice, Craig Elliot, Justin Gerard, Justin Sweet, Brom, Stéphane Martinière, some guys of Blizzard !! and so and so... I met again Giant artists like Donato Giancola, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Greg Manchess, Irene Gallo ...
My head was turning everywhere ! Thanks to Renae Taylor, I learnt a new word "Mingle" which mean socialize ^^ - Very important for a bear like me !!
And I saw plenty of art which kick your ass !

I'm still exciting of the trip :)

Nothing of this would have happened if James Gurney hasn't asked me to come ! Thanks you Jim and Jeanette for these amazing 3 days, for the booth and everything ! Again Congratulations for your Great Master Award. That was so cool when your picture appeared in big in front of us ! Just Awesome !

I was very happy to be nominated when we know how many people send entries. But winning 2 awards, I'm just overjoyed, proud and moved. It's hard sometimes to wake up in the morning, go to the drawing table with the same pure strength but hey ! I'm not alone in my case ;-) and it was really delightful to share impressions with all those guys.

Congrats for all the nominates, for the winners of the show and to all who came to the show (exhibitors and members) ! And of course a big huge thanks to Cathy and Arnie Fenner and their crew to have made this possible and to push the Fantasy Art High and Bright !

Now I'm just filled with good vibs and happy.
See you for the 2nd edition of SFAL I hope !

Best wishes to all of you :)


Credit photos Irene Gallo Creative Director for Tor.com and Tor Books.

Credit photos Janet JHS professional photographer who loves Rock !

Credit photos Janet JHS professional photographer who loves Rock !

For more pics : check my FB page ;-)