Au voleur ! Stop Thief !

Hi Guys ! After a big week of a tough fight with my slooow computer and a malware, I'm back ! I'm still struggling with the settings now but the worse is away ! Man vs Machine ^^
That's the problem when you work on computer... With paper there are not that kinds of problems.
These informatic things drive me completely insane ! But fortunately, with me Master Yoda was !

Therefore, I'm really happy to show you a new video with a creature as I enjoy to draw. But finally, just after making the video I decided to modify a little more my picture so here is the final picture of my pirateThief. Can you see what has changed then ? ;-)

and on this Link the whole process of it (no parts this time Yeah! but hang on for about 14min).

I have first prepared the skecth, scanned it and then painted all it on my Cintiq. It took me a day to finish it.