Thanks again for all your nice comments on Facebook about the Leprechaun Séamus Finnigan that I drew for the St. Patrick's Day 2012.

If you want to see again the 6 speed step by step of the creation, from the sketch to the color : watch my Youtube page.

Some of you told me that it wasn't a good tutorial, well, yes !! I totally agree and I didn't mean to ! Sorry If I made you believe it was a tutorial. I made these videos to answer at many of you who wondered how I was working on my Cintiq and on Photoshop and also for my pleasure (it's the first time that I do it). So this is just a fast approach to show you my method.

I have also to find a good way and not too heavy for my computer to make videos, slower and "learnable" maybe with sometimes with subtitles or sort of, I have to find out the easiest way for me ! It won't be "real" tutorials anyway but if you can learn few things I would be glad !

Séamus Finnigan took me a big part of an afternoon and of the evening. I tried to be the closest of what I could have done in real paint. I didn't use photos or texture references for the skin and the cloths as I could have done if I had really wanted to go faster. I wanted to keep a real traditional touch. However, for my concept work, I use these helps to achieve the concepts faster.

Thanks again Everybody for your support and comments during these last few days ! I appreciate a lot.
I had great fun to do it and be sure to see more videos soon.