As I promised Fellows, here are some studies of my work for Diablo III : Book of Cain (Blizzard Entertainment / Insight Editions).

Although I've been contacted quite soon, because of my request of Canadian residency I could only begin one month and a half before the deadline. So I had only 2-3 days to work on each picture, and that was letting me the time to modify them when the Blizzard team was asking.

Tathamet : I began with this one and as I like to complicate myself, I created a 3D version on Zbrush to find a good angle before drawing.
Finally this sketch was one of the last with which I ended. Probably, the 3D made me get nervous I think and I needed to relax before ^^


The return of few soldiers from the war, Itherael an Archangel, and the damned items ^^
Who said that it was easy to create a cube, a staff and a hammer ! ;-) That wasn't easy at all ^^

The Hellforge, Andariel and the explosion of the stone and in this one, I created a 3D bridge too in Zbrush in order to help to find the good way.

Here some important characters, Deckard Cain, Charsi, Farnham, Wirt that I first drew as an old man, then much younger, sit down, stand up, the wood leg on the right, on the left... I like the frame corner and I like the tattoo of Charsi, I found out it fitted her so well.

Here we go on Diablo ! Frist too beasty, I tried to show a creature more intelligent who sweats as much the might as the ferocity.

Some people tortured in Tristram, with little details which change, a frame with lots of details ^^and the big demon Baal (I like this one^^)

Another frame on the left the published one and on the right, the first sketch. I liked the babies in jars but it seemed to creepy ^^, Then the summoning, this one was fun to build : the foreground bigger, the middle the arch darker and the main scene in the background lighter although this does not bode well, as if we were spying the event, hidden behind something. And the wise guardian Rathma the dragon.

Deamon Vs Angel

And some preliminary sketchs with which I played first to help me to go into the mood :