I would like to thank a lot Jennifer Gwynn Oliver for her true kindness and her great questions. She is an instructor at the Academy of Art character and Creature Design Notes and Illustrator/Designerat Disney. She also spends time to full and share a blog very complete and full of very interesting things about animations, designs. I advice you all to follow it.

The interview are in 2 parts :

the first : here
and the second : here

It was quite fun to answer her and I would like to thank her again for the grammatical adjustments too.
I really hope that you will enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed answering.

Just have a look there, it's just beautiful. I love the music, I love the animation, very graceful, sensitive and very emotional too.

Thank you again !!

PS: I would like to notify that I don't smoke anymore since September, 20th 2008 (the pic on the 2nd interview is a bit old ^^)