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lundi 17 septembre 2012

Whisky in the Jar

My little sculpt goes on step by step, Margo has finished to make the 3rd mini-video that you can discover on youtube at this link.

Still many items to create like : hat, bell, coat, shoes, beard & hair and without forgetting his bottle of whisky :)

To watch the first 2 parts this is here :
1st part
2nd part

thank you for your comments on FB :) !

vendredi 14 septembre 2012

Zbrush Goblin aaand ACTION

After some Colors in progress in Photoshop some months ago on my Youtube channel (remember ? Seamus the Leprechaun, The Dickens Kobold and the Thief) , here I am again for introducing a sculpture on Zbrush, that I'm trying to film while I'm sculpting.

My recent post on FB shew you these four-legged little Goblin that I named Mott created on ZBrush too

You can check the process also on the website of Zbrushcentral at this LINK ! Unfortunately there are no videos of the process because the software crashed a lot during the creation.

But now, I head myself on one of my favorite character :

I've just begun to sculpt and to film the process (Youtube). This is very interesting to shift a 2D illustration into 3D and I must admit a real challenge for someone who used to work only in 2D. I didn't realize that some shape in 2D was complex to shift in 3D, what seems simple in 2D in my eyes wasn't that easy finally !

As I work for concept art for CG animations, this is a real and necessary tool for me to make the sculptor understand what I mean with my 2D pictures and to head him to my idea.
So working on 3D is just the best thing to do to understand the difficulties the sculptors could go through and to help him the best I can.

Very soon a little sneak shot of the sculpt !

jeudi 5 avril 2012

Dickens Kobold

As I told you on my Facebook page, all began when I saw a cute Jack Russell dog on the internet while I was doing some researches. I was thinking about doing a mean creature and I added this spot on his eyes to bring him a little something of mishievous at his look.
To see the 1st part of the video, it's HERE
And to watch the 2nd part it is just THERE ;-)

PS- if you ever meet him in a dark street and that he invites you to drink a beer at the bar, watch out ! Don't look at his doggy eyes, refuse (politely) and turn back right away !!

mardi 27 mars 2012

Stop Thief !

Au voleur ! Stop Thief !

Hi Guys ! After a big week of a tough fight with my slooow computer and a malware, I'm back ! I'm still struggling with the settings now but the worse is away ! Man vs Machine ^^
That's the problem when you work on computer... With paper there are not that kinds of problems.
These informatic things drive me completely insane ! But fortunately, with me Master Yoda was !

Therefore, I'm really happy to show you a new video with a creature as I enjoy to draw. But finally, just after making the video I decided to modify a little more my picture so here is the final picture of my pirateThief. Can you see what has changed then ? ;-)

and on this Link the whole process of it (no parts this time Yeah! but hang on for about 14min).

I have first prepared the skecth, scanned it and then painted all it on my Cintiq. It took me a day to finish it.

mercredi 21 mars 2012

Séamus Finnigan Leprechaun

Thanks again for all your nice comments on Facebook about the Leprechaun Séamus Finnigan that I drew for the St. Patrick's Day 2012.

If you want to see again the 6 speed step by step of the creation, from the sketch to the color : watch my Youtube page.

Some of you told me that it wasn't a good tutorial, well, yes !! I totally agree and I didn't mean to ! Sorry If I made you believe it was a tutorial. I made these videos to answer at many of you who wondered how I was working on my Cintiq and on Photoshop and also for my pleasure (it's the first time that I do it). So this is just a fast approach to show you my method.

I have also to find a good way and not too heavy for my computer to make videos, slower and "learnable" maybe with sometimes with subtitles or sort of, I have to find out the easiest way for me ! It won't be "real" tutorials anyway but if you can learn few things I would be glad !

Séamus Finnigan took me a big part of an afternoon and of the evening. I tried to be the closest of what I could have done in real paint. I didn't use photos or texture references for the skin and the cloths as I could have done if I had really wanted to go faster. I wanted to keep a real traditional touch. However, for my concept work, I use these helps to achieve the concepts faster.

Thanks again Everybody for your support and comments during these last few days ! I appreciate a lot.
I had great fun to do it and be sure to see more videos soon.


mercredi 18 août 2010

ZBrush 4 - Little Daemon

Voici la toute dernière vidéo que j'ai faite de mon petit démon sur Zbrush4.
This the last video that I made from my little daemon on ZBrush4.

Je ne peux malheureusement pas l'importer sur le site car elle est un peu lourde mais je vous invite à la visionner sur mon blog Facebook.

I can't unfortunately import it on my website because it's too heavy but I invite you to see it on Facebook page.

Quelques images de ma créature et autres travaux - Some pics of creature and other works !!

Mr. Dumblebee and a little Robot ^^

Pictures under the Copyright c Jean-Baptiste Monge

samedi 8 mai 2010

Têtes de Lutin sur ZBrush

Création de JB Monge sur ZBrush
J'ai découvert ZBrush l'année dernière, c'est un logiciel de 3D assez performant (enfin ... quand l'ordi ne plante pas) et je dois dire que je m'amuse comme un petit fou ^^
Je n'ai pas eu le temps d'y passer beaucoup de temps donc mes progrès sont vraiment à tâtons.

Pour comparer, j'ai essayer Blender, un logiciel gratuit qui plus est, qu'une grande partie des animateurs utilise, mais l'interface est un peu trop carrée à mon goût et le travail pas assez instinctif !
Mon ami et webmaster, Raphaël Grosjean, qui préfère Blender, s'en sort largement mieux que moi. Sa maison Schtroumpf, même si elle reste simple, est vraiment terrible !

Profitez donc de cette tête de Lutin en or massif ! HéHé ;-)

I have discovered ZBrush last year, it's a well known 3D software rather efficient (well, ... when my computer hasn't crashed) and I have to say that I have lot of fun with it ^^

For comparing, I have tried Blender, a free 3D software. a large part of animators use it but the interface is a little so «square, mathematic», for my part, and the work not very instinctive !so far better than me. Have look on is Smurf's house and even if the house remains simple,, it's so terrific ! Great stuff !

So Enjoy  those Goblin's heads in pure gold !! HaHa ;-)

vendredi 30 avril 2010

La Tablette Graphique

J'ai eu plusieurs messages concernant cette fameuse tablette graphique que vous apercevez sur les photos.

C'est une Wacom Cintiq 21UX  et je l'ai achetée quand j'ai bossé pour Sony Pictures Animation l'an dernier. Ce fut une nécessité et une révélation. Cet outil est absolument incroyable et pour un illustrateur 100% tradi, c'est pas peu dire !! Lorsqu'il faut changer 5 fois de couleurs, de nez, de costumes, de mimiques, on est heureux de ne pas tout redessiner et repeindre à chaque fois ^^ Ce fut un réel gain de temps et d'énergie.

C'est un outil en réalité très instinctif car finalement, c'est comme si j'avais ma feuille de papier sur la palette directement, mon écran-feuille est sur ma palette ^^ woow c'est beau le progrès ! C'est tellement instinctif que je continue de balayer mes gommures virtuelles avec le côté de la main... No comment ! Ouèp bon bah on ne renie pas 15 ans de travail au vrai crayon et à la vraie gomme ! Lol

Et pour les inquiets, surtout ne vous inquiétez pas, je ne renie pas mon côté peinture traditionnelle, non, non, non ^^ Je suis trop accro au papier et à la mine de plomb !

I had some messages about this graphic board that you can see on the photos.

It's a Wacom Cintiq 21UX and I bought it last year when I worked for Sony Pictures Animation. It was a necessity and a revelation. This tule is absolutely incredible and for a 100% traditionnal-illustrator, this is saying!! When you have to change 5 times the color, the nose, wears and costumes, gestures, we are quite happy to not to draw and paint again at each time ^^ It was a truly save times and gain of energy.

Indeed, this tule is in reality very instinctive because finally, it's as if I had my paper directely on the graphic board, my screen-paper is on the board ^^ woow progress is beautiful ! It's such instinctive that I keep on blowing the virtual eraser mess with the side of my hand... No comment please ! Well, I can't deny 15 years of work with a real pencil and a real eraser ! lol

And for those who could be worry, above all, Don't worry, I don't deny my traditionnal paint side, no, no, no ^^ I'm so paper and pencil addicted !

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