lundi 11 novembre 2013

Postal Card adventure 1

Bellllllls !! My precious !!!

- English translation after -

Il est temps de faire un peu de pub pour les Fêtes de fin d'Année à venir !!

Voilà 3 semaines que nous travaillons d'arrache pied Margo et Moi pour vous préparez de belles Cartes Postales.
Nous avons pris contact avec Yannick un imprimeur sur Montréal (L'Empreinte pour les curieux) car, même si les prix sont révolutionnaires en Chine, j'aime pouvoir suivre pas à pas la procédure et avoir un vrai échange de confiance avec la personne avec qui je travaille.

Finalement le plus dur fut de sélectionner les images pour ces 2 premières séries !

24 Octobre: 1er RDV avec Yannick à l'imprimerie. Au programme visite des locaux, des machines, et discussion intense sur le papier, la finition, la qualité, le packaging...
Bon... On a complétement craqués sur le packaging ^^ J'ai toujours designé mes produits dérivés avec soin, ajoutant la petite touche authentique ou amusante et là j'avoue que lorsqu'il nous a montré l'emballage Kraft personnalisable et la cordelette rouge et blanche, mon neurone "J'en-rêve-depuis-toujours"a tilté !!
Nous sommes repartis chez nous des étoiles plein les yeux et le cerveau en ébullition rempli d'idées à venir. Pas facile de rester concentré que sur les Cartes Postales lorsque je commence déjà à avoir en tête les maquettes de réédition de mes anciens livres et tous les nouveaux à venir et tout ce qui me trotte dans la tête !

29 Octobre: On a acheté les Grelots qui orneront le packaging

5 Novembre: Grelots reçus :-)) WOUHOU !!

6 Novembre: Ca y est le Deal est conclu et Margo, qui a fini les maquettes, n'a plus qu'à les envoyer par FTP.

11 Novembre: Yannick est passé au studio pour nous montrer les épreuves. Une petite correction sur un masque qui a dérapé et maintenant il n'y plus qu'à attendre le Jour J de l'impression. Nous irons sur place pour
suivre l'impression sur 2 machines, d'un côté les cartes, de l'autre côté la feuille de Kraft qui servira d'emballage. Comment dire : On a hâte!

En attendant la suite de l'aventure, n'hésitez à commander mon dernier LIVRE "A World of Imagination" si ce n'est pas déjà fait ^^ et à pré-commander de ce pas les PACKS CARTES POSTALES que nous vous concoctons !

A tout bientôt... !

It's time do some advert for the Christmas Holidays to come !!

It's been 3 weeks now that Margo and I are working relentlessly in order to cook you some pretty Postal Cards.
We took contact with Yannick, At L'Empreinte a printing company on Montréal because, even if the price in China are blow minded, I appreciate to follow step by step the process and to have a real trusting bound with the person with whom I work.

Finaly the hardest was to make a selection my pictures for these two first series !

24th October: 1st appointment with Yannick at the printing house. The program was: visiting the big space, seeing the machines, and intense discussion about the paper (weigh, texture), the finition, the quality, the packaging...
Well... we completely drove crazy about the packaging^^. I always designed my own derivative products with care, adding the little genuine or fun touch that I like and I admit that, at this moment, when Yannick shew us the customizable wrapping, the red and white thread, my neuron "I-dream-about-that-since-ever" tilted!!
We came back home, sparkles in the eyes and a broiling brain full of ideas to come. Not easy to focus only on the Postal Cards when I start already to have in mind mock-up for old books, new ones and for everything which running inside my head.

29th October: We bought the Bells which will ornate the packaging.

5th November: Bells received :-)) WOUHOU !!

6th November: Here we go, we clinched the deal and  Margo, who finalized the mock-up, has just to send the files on the ftp.

11th November: Yannick came home to show us the tests. A little thing to adjust on a mask that slid and now we have just to wait for the D Day - the Printing Day ! We will go there to follow the printing running on 2 machines. On one side, the Postal Cards, on the other, the wrapping Kraft paper. Well, how to say: We look so forward to it!

In waiting for the next episode of this wild adventure, feel free to order my last BOOK "A World of Imagination" if you still don't have it ^^and to pre-order right now the POSTAL CARDS PACKS that we are cooking for you!

See you very soon... !

Exigez la marque au Grelot ^^!!
Demand the Bell label ^^!!

mardi 24 septembre 2013



In 3 days, I will be glad to be near Seattle,WA - in Bothell to be specific - where I'm going to teach a character development and watercolor lesson to 13 eager and passionate persons, thanks to the invitation of Tara Larsen Chang who handles the workshop.

I've packed up my things and really look forward to being there.

Feel free to pop up on Sunday at lunch time 1PM. There is an open door where Tara will be happy to answer your questions about the workshops she will be heading next year 2014 (HERE a little view of the special guests who are going to come) and I will be very happy to meet you as well. I'll be doing a book signing and print signing session during the lunch time.

Here is the address:

23732 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell 98021

About my Etsy shop during my trip on the West coast !! As Margo comes with me, we won't be available to send anything from Sept 26th to October 2nd included. We will reply to you at our return !
Feel free to order your print, book and/or original, the reservation is noticed we will take care of you from the 3rd of October. Thank you for your understanding !!

Love you Guys !

mercredi 18 septembre 2013


Depuis le temps que j'attendais mes copies !! 10 longs mois d'impatience fébrile, de vitupérations et de ralouilles contre l'éditeur, d'attente finalement blasée pour enfin retrouver l'excitation primaire que j'ai eu lorsque j'ai découvert mon livre pour la première fois au CTN eXpo en Novembre dernier.


Je les ai reçu juste pour le Comiccon de Montréal - d'ailleurs un grand grand Merci à Dan et Jessica de la Librairie 'The Labyrinth Books' de Toronto pour me les avoir apporter. C'est vraiment très apprécié!
Ainsi, les voilà entre mes mains et disponibles à l'achat dans ma boutique The Goblin's Workshop
Il n'y en a pas pour tout le monde alors dépêchez-vous !

I've been waiting for so long my copies !! 10 long months of feverish impatience, of invectives and grumpiness against the publisher,  of, finally, indifferent expectation to at last get again the first excitement that I felt when I saw for the very first time my book last November at CTN eXpo.


I got them just for the Montreal Comiccon - before I forget, a big big sincere Thanks to Dan and Jessica from 'Labyrinth Books Library' Toronto for bringing them to me. Much much appreciated!!
So here they are between my hands and available on my Etsy shop The Goblin's Workshop
There won't be enough for all so be quick !

mercredi 31 juillet 2013


"The Goblin's Workshop" on ETSY

It's been 3 month now that my Etsy Shop is open !
You can enjoy Small color reproductions on semi gloss Epson paper,
Small sketch reproductions on velvet Epson paper
and now you can also have the possibility to get one my original Black and White DRAWINGS.

Cela fait 3 mois aujourd'hui que ma boutique Etsy est ouverte !
Vous pouvez apprécier les petits tirages couleur sur papier Epson semi gloss,
les petits tirages sketch sur papier Epson velvet
et à présent vous avez également la possibilité d'acquérir un de mes DESSINS originaux Noir et Blanc.

Very soon you will have the possibility to get bigger reproduction (13x19in) and to get custmizable requests about wedding and Baby shower.
Très bientôt vous aurez le choix d'avoir des tirages plus grands (33x48,3cm) et la possibilité d'obtenir des personnalisations pour les mariages et naissance.

MERCI pour tous vos commentaires chaleureux pour mon travail et pour Margo qui s'occupe avec amour et énergie des colis et des emails !
THANK YOU for all your warm comments about my work and for Margo who looks after the packets and emails with love and energy !

lundi 25 février 2013

News February 2013

Just a little BIG Hi to my Readers !
Juste un GRAND Bonjour à mes Lecteurs !

I didn't go to my website's blog a lot these last few months. I hope everyone is ok !!
Since my return from Burbank, CA my head and hands have been quite busy. 

Cela fait bien longtemps que je ne suis pas venu sur le blog de mon site web. J'espère que tout le monde va bien !
Depuis mon retour de Burbank, CA, j'ai été pas mal occupé.

My landlord has put the house that we rent in sale and by twice, it has been nearly sold. So we had to begin to pack up our things and mess each time because the people who want the house wanted to get it fast. That wasn't a big deal but we had to prepare the move and find a new Home.
We wanted to move closer the city of Montréal again (even though we love so much the countryside!) because that isn't very convenient for both of us to work.

Notre propriétaire a remis la maison que nous lui louons en vente et par 2 fois a presque été vendue. Donc à chaque fois nous avons dû commencer nos cartons car les personnes qui voulaient la maison souhaitaient l'avoir très vite. Ce n'était pas un gros problème mais nous devions préparé notre déménagement et trouvé un nouveau Chez Nous.

I'm glad to say that we have found a new flat to rent this WE and so we are going to move very very soon at last !
Je suis très content de vous dire que nous avons trouvé un nouvel appart ce WE et donc que nous allons déménager très très vite enfin !

Since October 2012, I've been working for an animation Studio in Montréal, Digital District Montréal, and my back and forth in car made me crazy - 160km per days, 3h to drive per days when the weather is good and there's not a lot trafic. Fortunately Margo was behind the scene to help me with the networks and the mails because I wouldn't have had the time to do anything.
Depuis Octobre 2012, je travaille pour un studio d'animation dans Montréal, Digital District Montréal, et mes allées-retours me rendent fous. 160km par jour, 3h de trajet par jour quand ça roule bien et qu'il n'y a pas d'intempéries. Heureusement que Margo était derrière  pour m'aider avec les réseaux et emails car je n'aurais pas eu le temps de faire quoique ce soit.

Plenty of things is coming this year so let's keep in touch. Plein de choses arrive cette année alors restons en contacts !

Suivez-moi sur Facebook !

mardi 6 novembre 2012

A World of Imagination

A World Of Imagination

Trinquétte Publisher - Xupuy collection

Great news, the book has finished printing and it's on its way to California, at the occasion of the Fantastic CTN Animation eXpo.
200 copies will be ready for the show and will be waiting for us there.
I'm very impatient to see it too.

Will be released in 10 days and can be order during the CTNx !! ----> to my CTNx' schedule it's HERE.
And can be purchased online in December at:

I can't believe it's already the SHOW ! See you there !

vendredi 2 novembre 2012

CTN eXpo 2012


Here is my schedule for the Great Event

This day is particulary busy :

International Talent Spotlight - Jean-Baptiste Monge
2:30PM to 3:15PM
Location: City Ballroom
Moderator: PETER DE SÈVE (and not Mr. Charles Solomon)

Directly after : Question and Ask
3:30PM to 4:25PM
Location: Shop Talk Lounge

Then Book signing of my Artbook "A World of Imagination" at 4:30 to 5:30PM at the same place Shop Talk Lounge

1- Live Demonstration - Jean-Baptiste Monge
10:00AM to 10:45AM
Location: Main Stage Digital Demo

2- Live Demonstration - Jean-Baptiste Monge
5:00PM to 5:45PM
Location: Atrium Digital Demo

Live Demonstration - Jean-Baptiste Monge
2:00PM to 2:45PM
Location: Main Stage Classical Demo

Let's keep in touch on my Facebook fan page and with the CTN crew on their Facebook page too and of course for more informations check the official page here.

If you haven't bought yet your places don't hesitate - say you come from me :)

See ya !

mardi 23 octobre 2012

Redbubble Halloween

Hi Everyone !

You can find my work now on REDBUBBLE.

I'm filling little by little my pictures at the good size to offer you the chance to get them in greeting cards and postal cards.
The great advantage of this website is that the shipping is worldwide of course and will be sent from the nearest of where you live. 

From USA/Canada if you are in the American continent.
From UK, if you live in Europe.
From Australia, for the rest of the world.

the 2nd advantage is the discount : Orders of 8 - 15 cards receive a 20% discount and orders of 16+ receive a 30% discount. Orders of 6 or more stickers receive a 50% discount. For the moment there are no stickers but why not later !

Actually on my Redbubble page :

The Special Halloween's Cards

The Celtic Faeries Cards

jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Whisky in the Jar #2

My little buddy in Zbrush has changed so much :) 
Mon petit personnage sur Zbrush a tellement changé :)

   I'm sorry this time no videos (the first two videos are still available on Youtube HERE and THERE), I just forgot to push on the record button - but as I know sometimes videos can be boring I don't think it will be a real concern. Remember him at the very beginning in an old post HERE and discover him today in pictures !

   Je suis désolé, cette fois je n'ai aucune vidéos à vous présenter (les 2 premières sont toujours disponible sur Youtube ici et ), j'ai juste oublié d'appuyer sur le bouton d'enregistrement, mais comme je sais que parfois les vidéos peuvent être ennuyeuses, je ne pense pas que ce sera un réel problème. Souvenez-vous de lui au tout début dans cet ancien billet ici et le voici aujourd'hui en images !

Shoes and Bell

Coat added

Pipe, Handkerchief, Lace shirt, Hat and Shamrock !

I look forward to hearing your feedbacks Guys !

Don't forget to buy your Christmas presents on the MR. DUMBLEBEE WEBSITE !!

dimanche 23 septembre 2012

Mr Dumblebee needs you

Message in French and in English after :)

Aidez Mr Dumblebee à continuez son chemin !

En juillet 2010, Mr Dumblebee est né sous le crayon de Jean-Baptiste Monge pour incarner et mettre en scène le Petit Peuple dont il a le secret.

Mr. Dumblebee est né de l'idée que nous nous faisions Eric Latteux et moi, de ce que l'édition artistique devrait être pour qu'en tant qu'artiste, je puisse voir le résultat de mon travail, mieux diffusé en n'étant plus sous l'emprise de contrats de licence souvent abusifs mais en étant impliqué à part entière dans le projet. Soit, en étant actionnaire à 50% de l'entreprise créée spécialement pour promouvoir mes images au travers de différents supports tels que des puzzles.

Octobre 2010, sont donc édités 6 modèles de Puzzles (3 modèles 1000 pièces et 3 modèles 120p grandes pièces). Comme Eric et moi nous souhaitions respecter une certaine logique écologique et de proximité, ils ont été fabriqués à 100% en France et garantis Imprimvert, de même qu'un certain nombre de supports tels que des badges, magnets et autres articles de papèterie.

Dès le départ nous avons reçu de nombreuses félicitations de la part des personnes qui auraient eu la chance de prendre en main le résultat de cette réalisation et de nous accompagner dans cette belle aventure. Malheureusement nous avons rencontré toutes les difficultés du monde à nous insérer dans les méandres des réseaux d'acheteurs des enseignes grand public qui auraient permis à Mr Dumblebee d'enfin voir ses superbes puzzles et amusant goodies proposés au plus grand nombre d'entre nous.

Aujourd'hui et après bientôt 2 années de refus systématiques des centrales d'achat, nous nous employons à tenter de rembourser ce que nous, Eric et moi, avons dû faire financer pour que ce projet puisse voir le jour.

Sans le remboursement de cette dette :
- Les puzzles concernés n'auront jamais eu la chance d'être vus par le plus grand nombre.
- Mr Dumblebee n'aura pas l'opportunité d'envisager la mise en œuvre d'autres projets d'édition alors que les idées ne manquent pas.
- Nous aurons à assumer cette perte, parce qu'aucun membre de ce monde très cloisonné et protégé qu'est le monde des achats en grande distribution et distribution spécialisée, n'aura imaginé un seul instant nous donner notre chance.

C'est pourquoi, aujourd'hui, nous sollicitons votre aide en vous proposant un certain nombre de packs à prix coûtant voire même en dessous du prix de revient, espérant que vous serez sensibles à notre cause et que vous aiderez Mr Dumblebee à continuez son petit bout chemin ! Suivez le lien !

Jean-Baptiste et Eric

Mr. Dumblebee needs your help !

July 2010, Mr. Dumblebee was born under the pencil of Jean-Baptiste Monge to embody and to stage the Little People that he has the secret.

Mr. Dumblebee has been created from the idea that we, Eric Latteux and I, had of what art publishing should be so that, as an artist, I could see the results of my work, better distibuted and not anymore under the influence of licensings contracts often abusive, but being full involved in the project - therefore, being 50% shareholder of the company especially created to promote my pictures through various media such as puzzles.

October 2010, thus 6 models of puzzles have been published (3 models of 1000 pieces and 3 models of 120 big pieces). As Eric and I wanted to respect and follow an ecological and proximity logic, they were 100% made in France and all guaranteed "Imprimvert" (an ecological ink), so was a good number of media such as badges, magnets and other items of stationery.

From the beginning, we received many congratulations from people who would have the chance to handle this realisation and to join and support us in this great adventure. Unfortunately, we encountered all the difficulties of the world to insert ourselves into the maze of buyers' networks of people at large signs that would have allowed finally Mr. Dumblebee to see his amazing puzzles and fun goodies available for a large public.

Today, after nearly 2 years of systematic refusal of the central purchasing offices, we are working to try to repay what we, Eric and I, have had to pay for to make this project real.

Without the repayment of the debt:
- The puzzles involved will never have the chance to be seen by the greatest number.
- Mr. Dumblebee will not have the opportunity to consider the implementation of other publishing projects though ideas abound.
- We will have to take this loss, because no member of this highly compartmentalized and protected world which is the world of large retailers and specialized retailers, will have imagined one second to give us a chance.

That's why, today, we solicit your help by proposing you a great number of packs, at cost price or even undersold, wishing that you will appreciate our cause and that you will be able to help Mr. Dumblebee to move on! Follow the Link !

Jean-Baptiste and Eric

D'avance un Grand Merci.

By advance a Big Thanks.

lundi 17 septembre 2012

Spectrum #19

November gets close now !

Don't forget to pre-order your issue of Spectrum #19 on Amazon or other bookshop you prefer.
check out the website of Spectrum Fantastic Art to have the list of the stores.

These books are like candies and disappeared very fast !

You will be able to see my 2 awarded pictures (Gold qnd Silver) inside and a third one bonus !

Brom did the front cover of this issue : Enjoy ;-)

Today in opening the main page of the Spectrum website : an article about the Grand Master 2012 James Gurney !!

vendredi 14 septembre 2012

TLC Workshop Sept 2013

Already preparing schedule 2013 !

The big news of 2013 is of course the workshop I'm going to teach on the West coast, in Bothell, WA 98021, close to Seattle.

Among a bunch of great artists scheduled : Gred Spalenka, Dan Dos Santos, Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell and Greg Manchess
Tara Larsen Chang the organisator scheduled my workshop September 27-29 2013 !

I let you the care to check her website and to follow her on Facebook

More informations to come soon on TLC Workshop the 1st of October and the registration opens on October 15 !
Don't be long to decide, there is only 12 places in my workshop !!

Prepare your pencils, watercolors (and computers) and bring your Goblins with you !

I look forward to reading you about this :)

Cheers !

jeudi 12 juillet 2012

CTN Animation eXpo 2012

Here we are, this is OFFICIAL!!

I am very proud and so glad to tell you that I will be for the very first time in Burbank California this November !!!

Burbank is THE capital of the Animation, and thanks to Tina Price from Creative Talent Network and her unbelievable energy and passion, this amazing con' exists and provides to the fans and artists -- I'd say even to the world!! -- the first and unique festival all about Animation.

What a huge honor to be invited after such great Masters like Moebius 2 years ago and Régis Loisel last year.

More to come and to be announced so, my Friends, Let's keep in touch on my Facebook fan page and with the CTN crew on their Facebook page too and of course for more informations check the official page here.

Prepare your agendas and book your days Nov 16-18, It's going to be CRAZYYY!!

Days are counting, I'm waiting for you there and I have four only words to say : Join me at CTNx 

samedi 26 mai 2012


Hi Happy People !

What a big and incredible journey ! I just came home 2 days ago, exhausted but so happy, with wonderful and huge memories in mind !

I was happy to see French guys there (David Thierrée - Virginie Ropars) !! Brittany Power ^^

I had the chance to talk to friends in real, not by emails ! and meet them in flesh, blood and bones : Scott Gustafson, Paul Bonner, Paul Tobin : you 3 are just fantastic ! I shook with great pleasure (and shyly and impressed) the hand of Iain McCaig, Mike Mignola. I met for the first time lovely talented people like Petar Meseldzija, Omar Rayyan, Kyle Bice, Craig Elliot, Justin Gerard, Justin Sweet, Brom, Stéphane Martinière, some guys of Blizzard !! and so and so... I met again Giant artists like Donato Giancola, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Greg Manchess, Irene Gallo ...
My head was turning everywhere ! Thanks to Renae Taylor, I learnt a new word "Mingle" which mean socialize ^^ - Very important for a bear like me !!
And I saw plenty of art which kick your ass !

I'm still exciting of the trip :)

Nothing of this would have happened if James Gurney hasn't asked me to come ! Thanks you Jim and Jeanette for these amazing 3 days, for the booth and everything ! Again Congratulations for your Great Master Award. That was so cool when your picture appeared in big in front of us ! Just Awesome !

I was very happy to be nominated when we know how many people send entries. But winning 2 awards, I'm just overjoyed, proud and moved. It's hard sometimes to wake up in the morning, go to the drawing table with the same pure strength but hey ! I'm not alone in my case ;-) and it was really delightful to share impressions with all those guys.

Congrats for all the nominates, for the winners of the show and to all who came to the show (exhibitors and members) ! And of course a big huge thanks to Cathy and Arnie Fenner and their crew to have made this possible and to push the Fantasy Art High and Bright !

Now I'm just filled with good vibs and happy.
See you for the 2nd edition of SFAL I hope !

Best wishes to all of you :)


Credit photos Irene Gallo Creative Director for and Tor Books.

Credit photos Janet JHS professional photographer who loves Rock !

Credit photos Janet JHS professional photographer who loves Rock !

For more pics : check my FB page ;-)

lundi 5 mars 2012

Sketches for Diablo 3


As I promised Fellows, here are some studies of my work for Diablo III : Book of Cain (Blizzard Entertainment / Insight Editions).

Although I've been contacted quite soon, because of my request of Canadian residency I could only begin one month and a half before the deadline. So I had only 2-3 days to work on each picture, and that was letting me the time to modify them when the Blizzard team was asking.

Tathamet : I began with this one and as I like to complicate myself, I created a 3D version on Zbrush to find a good angle before drawing.
Finally this sketch was one of the last with which I ended. Probably, the 3D made me get nervous I think and I needed to relax before ^^


The return of few soldiers from the war, Itherael an Archangel, and the damned items ^^
Who said that it was easy to create a cube, a staff and a hammer ! ;-) That wasn't easy at all ^^

The Hellforge, Andariel and the explosion of the stone and in this one, I created a 3D bridge too in Zbrush in order to help to find the good way.

Here some important characters, Deckard Cain, Charsi, Farnham, Wirt that I first drew as an old man, then much younger, sit down, stand up, the wood leg on the right, on the left... I like the frame corner and I like the tattoo of Charsi, I found out it fitted her so well.

Here we go on Diablo ! Frist too beasty, I tried to show a creature more intelligent who sweats as much the might as the ferocity.

Some people tortured in Tristram, with little details which change, a frame with lots of details ^^and the big demon Baal (I like this one^^)

Another frame on the left the published one and on the right, the first sketch. I liked the babies in jars but it seemed to creepy ^^, Then the summoning, this one was fun to build : the foreground bigger, the middle the arch darker and the main scene in the background lighter although this does not bode well, as if we were spying the event, hidden behind something. And the wise guardian Rathma the dragon.

Deamon Vs Angel

And some preliminary sketchs with which I played first to help me to go into the mood :


vendredi 2 mars 2012

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live

I'm so glad to announce that I will be at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live May 18-20, in Kansas City !

You will be able to find me Booth #1003, sharing the same table than James Gurney, who propose to join him and share his space.
It is the first edition of this convention organized by Cathy and Arnie Fenner, the great and well known publishers of Spectrum Fantastic Art. They decided to create this event and create a big meeting and this time not only on the pages of a book.

Be sure to meet great great artists there and for myself, I will try to see all the people I just know by email ! Paul Tobin, Paul Bonner, Scott Gustafson, Omar Rayyan, Petar Meseldzija, Mike Mignola, Iain McCaig etc... And of course meet again good friends and artists and fans !

I'm waiting for you !


dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Xmas is coming !

Missive express de mon envoyé spécial Agiléon Wilbur Dumblebee :
Express Letter from special agent Agiléon Wilbur Dumblebee 

Hi !
Dear Little Santa Claus ! when you will come down from your old yellow oak (because of the Falls), with all your gifts by ...
Yes here we are (almost) already ! One would say that it smells the end for some series that we published one year ago. So, for this great occasion and to encourage you to get one or some, we propose you low rates on a lot of items of our booklet, Let's see : laminations and erase dry boards (only few available), stickers, mirrors and our famous puzzles that you can't avoid anymore now (you must get it I say !) and this is the way :

Hello !
Petit papa Mr Dumblebee, quand tu descendras de ton chêne jauni (par l'automne), avec tes cadeaux par .....Eh oui nous y voilà (presque) à nouveau. Comme dirait l'autre, ça sent la fin pour quelques unes des séries que nous avons éditées il y a maintenant une année de cela. alors, pour l'occasion et pour vous encourager à en acquérir un ou plusieurs, nous vous proposons des tarifs à la baisse sur pas mal des articles de notre catalogue : Au programme, laminages et ardoises (juste quelques exemplaires disponibles), stickers, miroirs, et nos fameux puzzles que vous ne pouvez maintenant plus éviter de posséder (J'ai dit OBLIGATOIRE !) et c'est par ici :

vendredi 23 septembre 2011

New sketch on Ebay

Un tout petit mot pour vous annoncé qu'un second Sketch original est de nouveau en enchère sur Ebay, à partir d'aujourd'hui jusqu'au 28 septembre. C'est le sketch final de la créature appelé Druegar que vous pouvez retrouver dans Celtic Faeries.

Bonne chance à tous !

A tiny word to tell you that a new Sketch is available on Ebay from today to September 28. This the final sketch of the creature called Druegar that you can find in Celtic Faeries.

Good luck Everybody !

dimanche 21 août 2011

Enchères Ebay - Ebay auctions

Comme j'ai pu déjà vous le faire savoir, à partir de septembre je vais mettre en vente des sketchs aux enchères sur la page Ebay de "Margotteworkshop".
Je devais me servir de facebook pour en faire la promotion malheureusement pour l'instant c'est un peu compromis ;-)
alors n'hésitez pas à faire de la publicité pour les événements à venir autour de vous.
Revoici les premières images qui seront mises aux enchères par ordres d'apparition à partir je l'espère du 5 septembre. Chaque enchère durera une semaine.
Si tout se passe bien, cela devrait participer au loyer d'un atelier personnel sur Montréal.

As I have already let you know, from September I will offer for sale sketches for auction on the Ebay page of "Margotteworkshop".
I had to use facebook to promote the event, unfortunately at the moment is a bit compromised;-)
So don't hesitate to advertise for the upcoming events around you.
Here again the first images that will be auctioned in order of appearance from, I hope, September 5. Each auction will last one week.
If all goes well, it should participate in the rent of a private studio in Montreal.

Je vous transmets les descriptions de chaque images très bientôt. I send you the descriptions of each picture very soon.

Très Elfiquement,

J-Baptiste Monge


Pour ceux qui auraient remarqué, à leur dépends malheureusement, j'ai eu comme un petit soucis et par mégarde ou par magie, hum hum, ma page profil riche de plus de 4000 amis s'est vue transformée en une page fan toute pourrie avec à peine la moitié des personnes inscrites...

Pour tous ceux qui ont disparu de ma liste vous m'en voyez vraiment désolé, je vais tenter de faire machine arrière, mais il semblerait qu'il y ait des risques, alors on ne va rien promettre !

For those who have noticed, unfortunately, I had a little trouble, and by accident or by magic, ahem, my profile page full of more 4000 friends  has been transformed into a fan page all rotten with hardly half of the registrants...

For all those who have disappeared from my list you'll see me really sorry, I will try to reverse, but it seems that there are risks, so I will not promise anything!

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