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jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Back from Seattle

(English translation below)

Me voilà de retour à Montréal après un voyage prolongé et très inattendu.

Je remercie du fond du cœur Tara Larsen Chang pour cette magnifique aventure dans son atelier. Et un grand merci à tous les élèves : Tom, Joel, Jo, Tara, Tory, Lynh, Vinod, Catherine, Ann, Seth, Michaela, Julie, Heather et Michelle pour leur énergie et leurs bonnes idées.

J'ai hâte de découvrir les pièces terminées de chacun !

Après ce superbe moment Tara, Margo et moi sommes partis vers le nord, direction Vancouver, pour découvrir la côte ouest du Canada. Avant de franchir la frontière, nous nous sommes arrêtés chez Nancy et Michel Gagné à Bellingham où nous avons tous joyeusement conversé, bu et dîné ^^ (Merci pour ce repas délicieux Nancy!). J'ai rencontré Michel pour la première fois en Californie l'année dernière et il travaillait alors sur sa campagne Kickstarter et son projet de transformer son comics "Saga of Rex" en animation 2D entièrement auto-réalisé. N'hésitez pas à suivre ses actualités sur FB.

Nous avons repris la route vers Vancouver et nous avons eu l'occasion de rencontrer une famille incroyablement généreuse et talentueuse, Rikki et DJ Cleland-Hura, des anciens de chez Pixar, qui nous ont offert un aperçu et un tour incroyables de la ville. Après nos aventures laborieuses à la douane américaine, nous sommes donc revenus sur Vancouver pour profiter encore plus de cette cité fabuleuse.

Une Bretagne en gigantesque, en fait ! Les montagnes entourent la ville, l'océan au bord avec des plages et des falaises et ses parcs dans la ville (ou plutôt devrais-je dire ses forêts), c'est merveilleux.
Je pense qu'on a trouvé un lieu où poser les valises et cette fois-ci peut être qu'on y laissera pousser nos racines !

Back in Montreal after an unexpected long trip.

I deeply thank Tara Larsen Chang for this amazing adventure in her workshop and also a big Thank to all the students: Tom, Joel, Jo, Tara, Tory, Lynh, Vinod, Catherine, Ann, Seth, Michaela, Julie, Heather et Michelle for their energy and their good ideas. I look forward to finding out their finish pieces.

After this great moment, Tara, Margo and I drove North, direction Vancouver, to discover the west coast of Canada. Before crossing the border, we stopped at Nancy and Michel Gagné where we tchatted drank and ate (thank you for the sweet and delicious dinner Nancy!). I met for the first time Michel in California last year and he was working on his Kickstarter campaign and his project to shift his comics "Saga of Rex" in 2D Animation, all by himself (from design to music). Feel free to follow his news on FB.

We took again the road to Vancouver after that and once there, we had the chance to meet an incredible generous and talented family, Rikki et DJ Cleland-Hura, ex from Pixar, who offered an amazing view and tour of the city. After our harsh times at the american border, we went back therefore to Vancouver to enjoy more this fabulous city.

A Brittany, in Huge ! the moutains that embrace the city, the ocean at the edge with beaches and cliffs, and the parcs in the city (or I should say the forest), that's pure beauty.
I think we found a place to put down our luggage and maybe this time we will let our roots grow !

mardi 4 décembre 2012

After the Show 5

19th of November, the CTN Animation eXpo is over now and though I have it still in mind !
I spent 3 amazing days and I wanted to thanks Tina for this great opportunity. Such a great gathering of talents and legends under a same roof. The show is over but my Californian Journey isn't finsihed !

The day after the CTN I had the chance to visit 2 amazing studios : Dreamworks studio and Disney animation studio.

The first studio we visited was

Dreamworks Animation Studios

With my friend JJ from the Arludik Gallery under the main Entrance

It was Thanksgiving times and everyone in the studio was preparing the little party for the first before the official date of Rise of the Guardians.

Nice topiary of the Logo

This is an A-MA-ZING place ! A kind of big hacienda very friendly. The outisde was very cool, great gardens with little river which runs through and beautiful carps - but I'd like to suggest though some more sculptures in bronze of their character or other topiaries, that would ornate the garden even better. The sun, the place, the people, everything make us comfortable ! 

Wouter Tulp a great great designer and JJ in the background

We couldn't take photo of the inside and unfortunately we haven't been able to see anything in process (I should have to pretend that I lost myself ^^) . Maybe the next time ! The only pics I took of the inside is the reception with the Awesomeness Po. I think everybody do the same photos with him ^^ and I was glad to do it too. Margo and I rubbed his belly for good fortune ^^

During the Thanksgiving lunch in Dreamworks, I met again the amazing Christophe Lautrette. He worked recently on "The Croods" and his design are pretty good (I love his serie with the cowboys). And Thanks to JJ from the Arludik Gallery I met Devin Crane and in fact I knew his art but didn't know who he was. He draw gorgeous fashion Ladies. His work is worth to be seen. You will love it too, I'm sure !

I could stay forever in fact ! But we were waiting in another awesome studio

Disney Animation Studios

Welcome !!!

The buildings were not as new as Dreamworks but they have a story that Dreamworks haven't. We all have been surprised when we arrived when we discovered that the very famous John Musker would be our guide. He has been director of The Princess and the Frog but worked also on Treasure Island, Aladdin, the little mermaid and The great mouse detective.

We left the Animation studio and crossed the street to visit the Disney studios.

For the wink, John has been in college with Tim Burton, John Lasseter and Brad Bird and while we were walking along the corridor of the animation block he made us so laugh with an anecdote with Tim Burton.

We couldn't take picture inside of course

John told us that Tim burton, after his wisdom teeth had been removed, walked like a zombie desks to desks, with blood droping from his mooth to the floor in this building. This man is crazy funny ^^ !

John Musker and Pablo Lobato, a great caricaturist. His design is so jazzy !

another view of the same place above :

The time flew so fast and we ended the first part of the visit in the archive room where stand timeless goodies and beautiful figurines - That I wish to find in Disneyland to buy but alas... ! The batteries of my camera dared to let me so I thank JJ for the last picture ^^

John Musker gave us the chance to stand with his reward !!

... No comment I look stupid but very happy ^^ haha ! - the award is quite heavy by the way

The second part has been held by the sweet Dawn Ernster and she made us discover the Animation studio (under the Mickey's hat) and we crossed the way of Claire Keane, the talented daughter of Glen, we saw the concepts of Wreck it Ralph, walked through alleys and places all customized and in front of the room of John Lasseter (beautiful with a lot of figurines, I wish it could be my room !) and to finish we had the chance to discover concept panels of the next project of Disney : Frozen. It looks wonderful and I'd like to know more about the story which is for the moment still secret.

That's all Folks ^^ My Californian Tour is over now, I won't bother you with my experience in Disneyland and the rollercoasters just that that was fun !

To read the beginning of my Californian Journey it's here for the 1st part and here for the 2nd and there for the 3rd and just here the 4th !
Let's keep in touch on my FB page to see more photos !

Cheers !

vendredi 30 novembre 2012

After the Show 4

The 18th of November in the CTN animation eXpo !

And already the last day of the show ! The time pass too fast !

I was planned in the "Breakfast with Pro" at 9AM and that was the most beautiful moment ! Even if I was one of the pro, among Terryl Whitlatch, Syd Mead (yes he was there !), Greg Couch and Sang Jun Lee from Blue Sky Studio, I felt like a student !
I met one of my heros Glen Keane. We knew each other by email but to meet him personally meant a lot to me. He is a very generous and humble man and I hope being able to work with him one day. I can say, now I talked to him, that the animations he did reflect line by line his own sensitivity and amazing personality.

Thank you Jean-Jacques for having taken this amazing picture for me !!
As I see again the picture... I can see in my eyes how proud I was to stand next to him !

For those who were in Paris from November 2010 to January 2011, you have probably had the chance to see his amazing art in exhibition at the Arludik Gallery. This gallery is a place where you can find Artist from the entertainment (games, animation industry...) and they propose each year an amount of talents for the pleasure of everyone.

After this very touching moment, I took advantage of my free time to meet friends and bought some books for my workshop's library.

I went at the Cory Godbey's booth - a sweet and talented man !!
And then met Brian Ajhar - if you don't know yet is work, go now, this is just amazing
Then I bought the Doodles #3 of David Colman - I love the way he draws his animals. His line is very dynamic and there is a big humour inside.

Then I shared signatures with the amazing Chris Ayers and his lovely wife. I'm a big fan of his work and I bought his last Daily Zoo, the one in Paris ^^.

I think I had to stop my turn one moment to make my classical demo on the main stage. I really enjoyed this moment. The time to warm up my fingers, I filled my white papers with heads and little folks. Margo told me that a lot of people were astonished to see how fast I drew and that my head was probably full of these little buddies !  I'm not crazy I swear ! They are not in my head, just on my shoulder but you don't see them haha :)
Seriously, I have just fun to draw them.
I don't remember how many pages I drew, maybe 4, but one went Tina Price the organizator of the CTN show, the other went to my new friend David Colman, the 3rd went to Jeff the cameraman (we always forget these men behind the stage - Cheers !) and the last I remember went to a friend Rick Schneider-Calabash for whom I worked in 2010 on a project with the Zanuck Company.

Then I continue my turn and met Wouter Tulp, from Nederland ! Wouter is also an amazing artist and his graphic designs would really deserve to make the cover of the New Yorker !
I met Mark MacDonnell a Disney guy very sweet, also Michael Defeo an amazing sculptor who worked for Blue sky studio for a while, and Christophe Lautrette from Dreamworks - that was nice to speak French and to discover his Art, I bought 3 of his silly Cowboys and I can't wait to make them a frame and put them on the wall of my studio!

I did another signature session of my book "A World of Imagination" to finish the day and the show.

But my Californian trip isn't finsihed yet ! ...

See you tomorrow for the review of the After CTNx show !

To read the beginning of my Californian Journey it's here for the 1st part and here for the 2nd and there for the 3rd ! and I'll will post more pictures on my FB page

jeudi 29 novembre 2012

After the Show 3

The 17th of November in the CTN animation eXpo !

I began the day with a Live demo on the main stage of the room but as it was just 10 o'clock, there wasn't a lot of people. I did a 3D sculpt on Zbrush in 45min and the final wasn't bad. Usually I like taking my time but that was a good challenge to do it faster. I prepared before some accessories like a top hat and a pipe. This way I could more focus on the head I was creating.

I didn't prepare the subject I wanted to sculpt but while I was sculpting, I thought that a kind of Don Quichotte was funny to do. 

I have to find the final pictures and will post it on FB ^^

I had also a Digital demo to do but it has been cancelled because of bug in the schedule. Sorry for those who waited for me in the Atrium. I have been noticed about that too late unfortunately and no announce has been made.
I would have worked on photoshop and created a little character from feet to head, with color. Maybe next year ! I hope so !

Instead I organized a new signature of my book at the booth of the publisher Trinquètte held by the amazing Alberto Ruiz ! He is an artist himself and draw his own books. I forgot to say that I was very pleased to see that my new book was looking good ! I have 2 introduction at the beginning of it written by 2 people I cherish : Peter de Sève and James Gurney. And I take advantage of this to thank again Jennifer Gwynn Oliver and her dear Mother for all the corrections. When I finsihed it, I was really happy to had been able to write it all in English and when I send the mock up to Peter, he said : "you must, must, must, hire a translator to do justice to your efforts" ... my "pride" level decreased but he was soo right... Jen saved this book and my honor !

I did posters for the occasion but as it wasn't clearly said where they were and nobody saw them - maybe I think only 5 people bought it. To give you the rage to have missed it here is the picture !

After This signature session, I was waited for a recorded interview. The questions were great and the speaker too. As soon as the CTNx website post the videos, I'll share them. Promise !

See you soon for the review of the 3rd Day of the CTNx show !

To read the beginning of my Californian Journey it's here for the 1st part and there for the 2nd ! and I'll will post more pictures on my FB page

mercredi 28 novembre 2012

After the Show 2

The 16th of November the CTN animation eXpo opens its doors : Let begin the show !

That was clearly my busy day and I woke up early to join Peter de Sève so that we could finish the preparation of my presentation. 

It was really an honor to be interviewed by him. His talent is not to prove anymore and it was a huge pleasure to share with him this moment. He is talented and such a nice guy too with a big sense of humour.

45min are long but also too short, we are two talkative and curious men and finally the crew had to stop us. We could talk about art for hours ! We focused the discussion on my inspirations like N.Rockwell, obviously, and my works in publishing and concepts.

When I came in his workshop this summer, we took the time to talk already about our inspirations but, you know, it is an endless subject. You talk about this artist who makes you think about this one... etc. I thank Peter a lot to have made me discover Hermann Vogel and his work in "C'era una volta". The book is all in Italian but the illustrations are pure beauty.

By the way, if you haven't seen yet the 4th of Ice Age : Continental Drift, do it right now ! And if you want to see some amazing concepts, I can highly recommand you to go on the BLOG of Peter and check his last post.

After the talk, I led myself to a booth for the signature of my new book "A World of Imagination" published by Trinquètte Publishing.

Hello Tori "Cat", Tim and Kirk !!

I was well surrounded ! On one side Glen Keane who was doing a classical demo and nearly in front of me Terryl Whitlatch. Unfortunately I couldn't move to do check upon Glen's shoulder what he was doing ! So frustrating ! Terryl and I were quite busy and we haven't been able to chat a bit. I will see her again in May during the Spectrum Live #2 in Kansas City and I'll doo my best to catch her. She is a huge artist : she worked on Star Wars ep.1 and 2... Hey Jar-Jar Binks, it's hers !! Brother bears, Jumanji... I won't miss her next time !

See you soon for the review of the 2nd Day of the CTNx show !

To read the beginning of my Californian Journey it's here ! and I'll will post more pictures on my FB page

mardi 27 novembre 2012

After the Show 1

Here and back again at home in Montréal !

The winter has spread some snow on the garden and I begin to regret the summer clothes I was wearing during my Californian trip. Just a non-sense of the weather, in one flight I passed from 76°F to 14°F (25°C to -10°C) and now here comes the after show blues ! **SIGH** Haha

The CTN Animation eXpo was clearly amazing. I already look forward to being there next year to enjoy a little bit more the demos, presentations, workshop and friends. As you know I was a special guest and my free time was short !

We arrived in Burbank, CA the 15th of November and the show was already beginning. The Disney Animation team invited those who were already there to have a drink and I had the chance to meet the Amazing and Talented Michel Gagné. We drank some wine and laughed a lot, this evening started on the good way the CTNx show. Michel is a great great animator and worked for one the best director ever : Don Bluth, on The land before time, An American Tail, and he also worked on The Iron Giant of Brad Bird and more recently he did the pre-visualisation on Brave. As soon as he has some free time, he creates his own projects full of shapes and colors and his last baby is called "The Saga of Rex", it is the story of the fantastic journey of a little fox and wants to make the animation film of it by doing everything all by himself. Respect Man ! so he has recently created a campaign on Kickstarter in which he had a great success. I'm very happy to have had the chance to meet him !

By the way Margo would have been so upset if we didn't meet him too ! She has been rocked by the Don Bluth's films (Brisby, Fievel, Littlefoot...) and when she saw that Michel was there, it was my duty to find him ! Finally there was a four leaves lucky shamrock upon our heads and just by hasard we crossed his way and his table !!

Yeah This Guy Rocks !!!!!

Here I go again the 2nd day of the show with Michel and his two thumbs up and 2 amazing guys ! Dean Yeagle on my right and Tony White between Michel and me. I'm a huge fan of Dean and it was the first time I met him face to face. He has a perfect line and his pin-up Mandy is so gorgeous !

See you tomorrow my CTNx review ! We will talk about another great man : Peter de Sève !!

samedi 6 octobre 2012

Sculpteur sur bois #2

Hello !
Here we go again with Yvan, Wood sculptor !
Remember the first post HERE and the beginning of a new sculpt based on one of my picture.
Yvan kept sculpting,  and as you can see he worked on the feather and a little more on the books.
I can't wait to see the new steps :)

Salut !
Nous voilà de retour avec Yvan, notre Sculpteur sur bois !
Souvenez-vous de mon premier billet ici et du début de sa nouvelle sculpture basée sur une de mes images.
Yvan a continué de sculpté depuis et comme vous pouvez le voir, il a travaillé sur la plume et un peu plus sur les livres.
J'ai hâte de voir les nouvelles étapes :)

Cheers et à bientôt !

jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Sculpteur sur bois

Le premier billet d'une belle série je l'espère :
The first post of a great serie I hope :

c'est mon petit coup coeur "Artisan du bois" / "Woodcrafter" :)

Yvan Nellenbach est sculpteur sur bois :
Yvan Nellenbach is a wood sculptor and you can follow him on these websites.

" De la petite menuiserie intérieure ou extérieure, mais aussi de la rénovation de meubles ou tout autres objets en bois. Je vous propose également des objets déco sculptés ( manches d'opinel par exemple ) ou chantournés, des jouets pour vos enfants ....
Tous ces objets en bois qui mettent de la chaleur et de la poésie dans votre habitation."

Je vous invite à entrer dans sa petite boutique et parcourir le fil de ses créations en photos.
I invite you to enter his little shop and to discover the grain of his creations in pictures.

Ci-dessous mes "Amants de Kensington" ouvragés sous ses soin dans du Noyer.
Just below my "Kensington's Lovers" crafted and carved under his care in a walnut log.


Yvan Nellenbach Sculptor - © JB Monge Illustrator

Et voici un petit aperçu de sa prochaine sculpture en avant première, basée sur une affiche que j'avais créée pour un festival à Pludual en Bretagne !
And this is a sneak peek of his next creation, based on a poster I drew for a little convention in Pludual, Brittany, France ! 

  © JB Monge Illustrator

Step 1 and 2 - Yvan Nellenbach Sculptor

Step 3 - Yvan Nellenbach Sculptor

Surprenant ! Vivement la suite !!
Amazing ! Can't wait to see the next step !!

mardi 4 octobre 2011

Artbook Diablo III

I'm so happy to be allowed at least to talk about this : I have worked some months ago for Blizzard Entertainment on the great and so expected artbook Diablo III : Book of Cain - published by Insight Editions (available on pre-order on amazon : HERE)

I have been so happy first when they wrote me. In fact I have been a Diablo player addict for years so it's like a complete circle : in front of the computer to play like a fool and in front of my table to draw their creatures like a fool. YEAH ! And after I have been completely excited when I knew who would draw with me on the artbook. I feel very honored and privileged.

A few names to catch your attention : James Gurney, Adrian Smith, Iain McCaig, John Howe, Brom, ... and sooo many great artists.

I have got 23 sketch pictures (with soft watercolor for a few) inside, this is crazy and I hope that you will apreciate them all. I have tried to keep the mood and thanks to the Blizzard Team, it was impossible to do mistakes about the story and elements, that I was tended to add ;-) (professional deformation certainly !)

Sorry Guys I won't reveal more pictures than they did for the promotion of the book on amazon, but trust me I really want to !

DIABLO III Book of Cain - in November 2011

Je suis tellement content d'être enfin autorisé à parlé de ceci : j,ai travaillé il y a quelques mois pour Blizzard sur leur super et très attendu Artbook : Diablo III : Book of Cain, édité par Insight Editions (et déjà disponible en pré-commande sur

Quand il m'ont écrit j'étais fou car j'ai joué à Diablo comme un diable (comme beaucoup c'est vrai), et me voilà derrière ma table aujourd'hui à dessiner leurs créatures comme un fou aussi : La boucle est bouclée ! YEAH ! Et après ça, j'étais complétement excité quand ils m'ont annoncé quels artistes participeraient. Je me sens vraiment honoré et privilégié.

Quelques noms pour allécher : James Gurney, Adrian Smith, Iain McCaig, John Howe, Brom, tant d'autres !

À l'intérieur vous découvrirez 23 de mes images en sketchs (et parfois avec un jus d'aquarelle), j'espère que vous les apprécierez toutes. J'ai essayé de gardé l'ambiance et grâce à la Team Blizzard, il était impossible de faire une erreur dans l'histoire et les éléments, que j'avais tendance à rajouter (Déformation professionnelle certainement?)

Désolé les Gars,mais je ne dévoilerai pas plus d'images qu'ils n'ont fait pour promouvoir le livre (sur amazon), mais croyez moi ce n'est pas l'envie qui me manque.

jeudi 2 septembre 2010

AB IRATO - Thierry Labrosse

Je vous présente le tout nouvel opus de mon collègue d'atelier Thierry Labrosse :
Here is the brand new opus of my workshop collegue Thierry Labrosse :

AB IRATO, tome 1 - Riel
aux éditions Vents d'Ouest (cliquez sur le lien vous pourrez y feuilleter les premières planches - click on the link, you will see the first boards of the story)

Et un excellent trailer sur dailymotion  (and an excellent trailer on dailymotion)  : ici

Copiright © Thierry Labrosse

Vous connaissez peut être déjà Thierry Labrosse avec sa série Moréa de chez Soleil en 5 tomes, et bien je vous conseille vivement de découvrir "Ab Irato".
Maybe you already know him for his first famous series Moréa in 5 volumes (Soleil publisher), well, I advise you sharply to discover "Ab Irato".

T. Labrosse, pour un tout premier album solo, dévoile un scénario palpitant sur un fond de SF. Montréal, l'an 2111. Il présente 4 personnages dans un décor chaotique, à la limite de la félure. Il semblerait que leur destinée soit étroitement liée... Je ne vous en dit pas plus car il faut vraiment le découvrir alors bonne lecture
T. Labrosse, for a first solo album, reveals an exciting scenario on a SciFi background.
Montreal, the year 2111. He introduces
four characters in a
chaotic landscape, with the limit of the implosion. It would appear that their destiny is sharply tied ...

I won' tell you more, you must discover by yourself, just read it !

Voici donc le tout premier tome d'une quadrilogie passionnante.
Je peux vous dévoiler, en avant première, qu'il bosse déjà bien dur sur la suite de son ouvrage !
So, here is his first brand new volume of a exciting quadrilogy.
I can reveal you, on preview, that he is already working on the second volume very hard !

N'hésitez pas à suivre son actu sur son site et pour les collectionneurs Thierry met en vente toutes les semaines un original sur (Pseudo madlab_art). Ne manquez pas ça !
Don't hesitate to follow his actuality on his website and for the comics collectors, Thierry sells every weeks one original on (pseudo madlab_art). Don't miss that !

mercredi 7 juillet 2010

Cécile Corbel et le Studio Ghibli

Voici donc le dernier opus du Studio Ghibli qui sortira le 17 juillet 2010 au Japon.
This is the brand new masterpiece from the Ghibli Studio which will be on Japanese's screens the 17th of July 2010.

Karigurashi no Arrietty ou Arrietty la Chapardeuse

Je ne rate jamais ce qui sort du Studio Ghibli car c'est toujours un merveilleux moment à passer, mais cette fois-ci, j'ai particulièrement hâte de le voir en salle. Bien sûr le sujet est de ceux que j'affectionne tout particulièrement, puisqu'il est ici question de Borrowers, lutins malicieux et chapardeurs haut comme trois pommes qui logent dans nos foyers, mais en plus j'aurai le plaisir d'écouter une excellente amie Cécile Corbel qui a réalisé avec maestria le thème musical. Auteur de talent, Compositeur, Chanteuse à la voie cristalline, et Harpiste particulièrement douée aux influences multiples ... Et j'en oublie certainement !

I never miss what comes out of the Studio Ghibli because it is always a great time to spend, but this time, I particularly look forward to seeing in theaters. Of course the topic is one that I particularly like, since it is here question of Borrowers, mischievous elves and pilfering high to a grasshopper who stay in our homes, but I will also have the pleasure of listening to an excellent friend Cécile Corbel,who has masterly done the musical theme. Talented Author, Composer, Singer with a crystalline voice and particularly endowed Harpist with many influences ... And certainly I forget some !

Voici le premier trailer : ici.
The first trailer : ici.

et le plus important, la chanson : ici.
and the more important, the song : ici.

Cécile, qui a déjà parcouru le monde entier avec sa harpe celtique et ses musiciens, est actuellement en tournée pour la promo du film à Tokyo. Vous pouvez suivre son actu sur sa page FB.

Cécile, who has already traveled all around the world with her celtic harp and her musicians, is currently on tour for the movie's promotion in Tokyo. You can follow her on her FB page.

samedi 15 mai 2010

James Gurney & the Monkey King Award


Je profite de cet événement pour écrire un billet sur le talentueux et incroyable James Gurney, un artiste, un maître, que j'admire énormément et qui est devenu un ami.

Il vient de remporter le Monkey King Award, une compétition chinoise qui porte essentiellement sur des projets d'animation et qui, cette année, a eu l'excellente idée d'ouvrir une catégorie illustration.

Le travail de James, représenté par cette illustration, intitulée «La Traversée du Désert» (du monde de DINOTOPIA), parmi de nombreux autres talentueux illustrateurs s'est vu remettre cette nouvelle mais non moins prestigieuse récompense. Je suis très heureux de le savoir honoré de la sorte car son travail est absolument merveilleux.

James est un grand fan d'archéologie, d'architecture et de voyages qui a eu la chance de travailler pour le National Geograhic mais aussi de travailler avec le bien regretté Frank Frazetta, Maestro de la Fantasy, en 1983 pour Fire and Ice et s'est vraiment distingué en créant l'incroyable univers de DINOTOPIA.

James est un illustrateur passionné et passionnant qui, avant de se lancer dans une illustration,est capable de reproduire toute une ville en maquette pour avoir la bonne perspective, le bon angle et la bonne lumière. A croire qu'il n'arrête jamais ! Toujours un crayon à la main et son petit carnet dans la poche, il n'y a rien qui n'échappe à son œil averti ;-) et quel œil !!!

N'hésitez surtout pas à visiter son SITE et son BLOG , incroyablement riches pour ceux qui parle anglais, car vous y trouverez tous, néophytes, amateurs éclairés ou professionnels, des informations très utiles, car James, non content d'être un excellent illustrateur est aussi un excellent professeur.

Un petit coup d'œil à son atelier : il est incroyable !!

lundi 19 avril 2010

Art Dolls - Aude Berger

Art figuratif et poupées contemporaines de collection, un livre de Aude Berger

   Noël aurait été sans doute un meilleur moment pour vous présenter un "petit" livre merveilleux aussi savoureux que du Biscuit, surtout pour ceux qui aime la porcelaine ( bien sûr la porcelaine ne vient ici vous l'aurez compris que servir mon pauvre petit jeu de mots, haha !).  Bah les Faeries sont facétieux et ce qu'ils me soufflent à l'oreille n'est pas toujours aussi drôles qu'ils semblent vouloir le croire mais comme je ne veux surtout pas les contrarier et bien je laisse allez ma plume sans trop poser de questions…

    Enfin pour en revenir au livre, soyez en convaincu celui-ci vous fera faire un très joli voyage. C'est un livre rare ne serait ce que par son sujet. Entraîné légèrement mais sûrement par le texte poétique de Aude Berger, vous entrerez au fil des pages dans le monde délicat de ces "poupées" merveilleuses. Vous vous laisserez doucettement émouvoir par le talent incroyable des Artistes dont Aude fait le portrait et sous les doigts desquels un matériel inerte prend miraculeusement vie.  Cela vous transportera, j'en suis certain, dans cet univers mystérieux mais si délicieux des rêves de mômes, si parfaitement intemporels qu'ils en sont éternels. Ce livre présente le travail des Artistes : Virginie Ropars, Wendy Froud, Diane Guelincky, Bets and Amy Van Boxel, Hannie Sarris, Marlies Theillout, Martine Bretta Jansen, Laurence Ruet, Marijke Van Olijen, Tine Kamerbeek, Véronique Jacquelin, Heloïse.
En vous en souhaitant bonne lecture!
Très Elfiquement Vôtre

Jean-Baptiste Monge

PS : Le super magazine Américain, Spectrum Fantastic Art, vient de publier un article sur son livre, retrouver-le ici !!

   Christmas would be probably a better time to present a "tiny" wonderful book that's as tasty as a biscuit, especially for those who like porcelain (of course porcelain comes here, you will understand, in order to serve my poor little game words, haha!). Well, the Faeries are mischievous and what they blow me in the ear is not always so funny they seem to believe it but I don't want to antagonize them, well I'll let my pen writting without asking too many questions ...

   Finally, to return to the book, be satisfied with it you will make a very nice trip. It's a rare book by its subject.
Driven gently but surely by the poetic word of Aude Berger, you enter through the pages in the delicate world of these
wonderful "dolls" . You will be touch by the incredible talent of artists, whose Aude portrays, under the fingers and an inert material which is miraculously lives. This will transport you, I'm sure, in this mysterious universe, but so delicious dreams of kids, such perfectly timeless that they are endless. The book presents the work of 13 artists: Virginie Ropars Wendy Froud, Diane Guelincky, Bets and Amy Van Boxel, Hannie Sarris, Marlies Theillout, Martine Jansen Bretta, Laurence Ruet, Marijke Van Olijen Tine Kamerbeek, Veronique Jacquelin, Heloise.
In wishing you happy reading!

Very Goblinly Yours,

Jean-Baptise Monge

PS : the great American magazine, SpectrumFantastic Art, has just published few words about it, just read it here !!

A suivre une petite présentation du livre par Aude Berger, elle-même :

 « Art figuratif et Poupées Contemporaines de collection» est un ouvrage que l’on attendait - en France- depuis près de 15 ans . Un livre d’art rédigé par amour pour les fées, elfes, figurines, personnages de légendes qui sont autant de portes ouvertes sur l’amour de la nature , de l’illustration , la peinture , la sculpture , le folklore.
   Personnages fictifs ou représentations enfantines , ils sont l’écho de nos enfances ,  nos idéaux , nos fables murmurées dans les bois , sous les étoiles , à la croisée des chemins et des temps réinventés . Apposer des mots sur ces univers est prétexte pour émailler de forts ressentis , parler de la Terre , ses parts d’ombre et de lumière .
   Ancien professeur de langue étrangère en Espagne, j’aime la compagnie des enfants et des adolescents débordant d’imagination pour lesquels je rédige des textes de fiction .
   Mon ouvrage n’est pas un glossaire pointu sur la poupée d’artiste mais un recueil d’images accompagné  de poèmes et d’essais autour de 13 artistes en «poupée» , ce monde demeurant encore peu répandu en France; rêve éveillé que j’offre à tous les passionnés, les curieux , amateurs ou collectionneurs.
   Mes influences sont multiples avec- dans mon tout  premier ouvrage- la présence du maître de féerie Brian Froud qui pratique également l’art de la sculpture. Nous avons besoin de ces éminents artistes,  visionnaires dévoués à la cause de dame Nature.  

   L’ouvrage est disponible sur commande à la Fnac ou directement auprès de l’éditeur ( ) enfin tout bientôt sur .
ISBN : 978-2-35073-282-4



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jeudi 20 août 2009

Le Guide du Lutin Voyageur de Raphaël Grosjean

Après une absence prolongée, d'aucun pourrait s'étonner que ce billet ne porte pas sur mon travail, mais je ne pouvais pas manquer cet événement merveilleux qui voit la naissance d'un incroyable auteur.
En tant que 1er Fan de son travail, j'ai ainsi l'honneur de vous présenter le Premier Livre de Monsieur Raphaël Grosjean, Ami et Webmaster de votre dévoué Serviteur ^^.

Le Guide du Lutin Voyageur
aux éditions “Au Bord des Continents...”

Si vous ne l'avez pas déjà, je vous conseille vivement de vous le procurer :

Ce Guide, pour un 1er livre, est un vrai petit Bijou. Raphaël en rougira je pense, pourtant, je n'hésiterai pas à dire que la Forêt de Puc sera bientôt un lieu incontournable dans l'Univers de la Féerie.
Alors Bienvenue Monsieur Raphaël et Longue vie au Guide du Lutin Voyageur (bientôt G.L.V., j'en suis sûr, pour les habitués des chemins de traverses) !!

Je vous incite de ce pas à visiter son blog, à y laisser vos commentaires et bien sûr à le mettre dans vos favoris.

Elfiquement Vôtre,